WAHS Bell Schedule is Released

The WAHS Bell Schedule is available below.  This table is also available on the School Bell Schedule Page and on the Back to School Page.  There is a printable version available on the School Bell Schedule page.


First Bell


8:55 - 10:20

 1st Block

85 minutes

10:25 - 10:50

Warrior Period

25 minutes

10:55 - 12:45


  • 10:50 Start of  first lunch
  • 10:55 Start of Second Block
  • 11:15 Short bell to start end of first lunch
  • 11:20 short bell for end of lunch
  • 12:20 short bell to start second lunch
  • 12:45 regular bell to end second lunch and class

2nd Block - 10:55-12:45

  • First Lunch - 10:50 - 11:15 

    • Early Lunch Students do not report to class
    • Classes included in First Lunch are Halls A, C, D, E, ESA, Pod and B113, B114, B115, B116
  • Second Lunch - 12:20 - 12:45

    • Classes included in Second Lunch are All of B except B113, B114, B115, B116

25 minute Lunch

85 minute Class

12:50 - 2:15

 3rd Block

85 minutes

2:20 - 3:50 

Bell:  3:48 short bell for senior dismissal

4th Block

90 minutes

Sports & Fine Arts Mask Requirements Released

  Dear ACPS families, 

We are excited to kick off the 2021-22 school year and bring students back to buildings for face-to-face learning. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to engage in their passions before, during, and after the school day.  In order to accomplish this safely we have put in place common sense guidelines to keep students and staff safe, reduce the probability of exposure to the COVID virus and variants, and provide all students with equitable access to their art and/or sport. 

The specific guidelines are provided in the 2021 Guidance for Fall Athletics & Performing Arts (Moderate or Substantial Ranges in VDH). 

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of these guidelines, please contact our Athletic Director, Steve Heon, at sheon@k12albemarle.org or our Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair, Laura Chatterson, at lchatterson@k12albemarle.org for more information.  

If you have questions about the genesis of these guidelines, please contact Jay Thomas - jthomas@k12albemarle.org (Athletics) or Mindy Moran - mmoran@k12albemarle.org (Arts).   



Jennifer Sublette

Western Albemarle High School

School Schedule Rotation Calendar Available

The school schedule rotation is now available.  The school week is set up so that Monday and Wednesday are A days; Tuesday and Thursday are B days and Friday alternates between A and B days depending on the week.  On A days, students attend the 4 classes listed with As on their schedule and on B days, students attend the 4 classes listed with Bs on their schedule.   Teachers are very good at making students aware of which Friday is A and which is B.   If you are interested in the detailed calendar for the year, check out this link.

Back to School and Open House

Traducción al español a continuación

Dear Families,

We hope you can join us for Western Albemarle’s 2021-22 Open House!

The goal of Open House is to give families and students a chance to visit with administrators and faculty as they tour the building to make sure students feel comfortable and confident going into the school year.

This year, our Open House will have two parts.  

  • On August 17 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, we will host a virtual introduction and kick off to the 2021-22 school year.  Please use this link to log on to a session hosted by the WAHS administration that will provide an overview of our goals and structures of the year.  We will record the session.
    • Topics covered will include:
      • Meet the Admin Team
      • Our Goals for the Year
      • Mitigation Strategies and Protocols
      • The 2021-22 Bell Schedule and Supports for Students
      • The Role of Schoology for In Person Learning
      • Time for Q & A


  • On August 19 from 4:00pm to 7:30pm, students and families are invited to come to Western to tour the building, find their classrooms, and meet their teachers.  


WAHS Leadership students will be on site to help students find rooms and many of our staff members will be available to meet students and families. Masks will be required and we ask that families do their best to maintain social distancing.  


A special note for students in grades 10-12 who are transferring to WAHS: You  and your families are invited to join us for a special session at 7:00 in the cafeteria/senior patio. There will be signs to help you find us.


Finally, we appreciate your patience as we fleshed out these plans.  While the specifics of the pandemic and its implications in our community are ever changing, our goal for the year is for you and your student to feel engaged in our school community and confident in our efforts to create a safe environment. We hope that this model for Open House will help us reach both of these goals.


We look forward to seeing you soon,

Jennifer Sublette, Doug Granger, Gerarde Hackney, Steve Heon, Teresa Tyler, Amy Wright

The WAHS Admin Team





Esperamos que puedan asistir la Reunión de Puertas Abiertas de Western Albemarle 2021-2011


El objetivo de la Reunión de Puertas Abiertas es brindar a las familias y a los estudiantes la oportunidad de visitar a los administradores y profesores mientras dan una vuelta por edificio para asegurarse de que los estudiantes se sientan cómodos y confiados al comenzar el año escolar.


Este año la Reunión de Puertas Abiertas tendrá dos partes.   

  • El 17 de agosto de 7:00 a 8:00 de la tarde, haremos una introducción virtual y daremos inicio al año escolar 2001-2011.  Por favor, utilice  este enlace para entrar en una sesión organizada por la administración de WAHS que proveerá un resumen de nuestras metas y las estructuras del año. La sesión será grabada.
    • Los temas tratados incluirán:
      • El conocer al equipo de administración
      • Nuestras metas para el año
      • Estrategias y protocolos de mitigación
      • El horario de campana de 2021-2022 y apoyos para estudiantes
      • El papel de “Schoology” en el aprendizaje en persona
      • Hora designada para preguntas y respuestas



  • El 19 de agosto de 4:00 a 7:30 de la tarde, estudiantes y familias están invitados a venir a Western para hacer un tour del edificio, encontrar sus aulas de clase y conocer a sus maestros.  


Los estudiantes de liderazgo de WAHS estarán en la escuela para ayudar a los estudiantes a encontrar aulas y muchos miembros del personal estarán disponibles para conocer a los estudiantes y sus familias. Se requerirán mascarillas y pedimos que las familias hagan todo lo posible para mantener el distanciamiento social.   


Una nota especial para los estudiantes en los grados 10-12 que se están transfiriendo a WAHS: Ustedes y sus familias están invitados a una reunión especial con nosotros a las 7:00 en la cafetería/el patio de los estudiantes de cuarto año. Habrá letreros que les ayudaran a encontrarnos.


Finalmente, agradecemos su paciencia mientras desarrollamos estos planes. Debido a hecho de que los detalles de la pandemia y sus implicaciones en nuestra comunidad siempre cambian, nuestra meta para el año es que usted y su estudiante se sienten como colaboradores en nuestra comunidad escolar y confiados en nuestros esfuerzos de crear un ambiente seguro. Esperamos que este designe para la Reunión de Puertas Abiertos nos ayude a alcanzar estos dos objetivos. Anticipamos verlos pronto.


Anticipamos verlos pronto.


Jennifer Sublette, Doug Granger, Gerarde Hackney, Steve Heon, Teresa Tyler, Amy Wright

The WAHS Admin Team

Senior Parking Info Available

Traducción al español a continuación


Dear Western Albemarle Students and Families,  


My name is Doug Granger, and as many of you have heard I am one of the new assistant principals here at Western.  One of my responsibilities will be to manage student parking and make sure that every student who is driving to school has the appropriate parking pass in place and understands the expectations we have for driving to school.


As we are all aware, we have limited parking available on campus and a growing student population.  Therefore we do not have a spot for every student who wishes to drive to school.  At this time we must limit student parking to Seniors only.


On August 3rd we will send out a link for seniors to use to sign up for a specific parking space.  Students must sign-up for a parking spot by August 18th.


We are including with this email a map of the student parking areas so that seniors can know the area of the spot they are selecting. (Quick note, right now, due to the parking lot repairs and repaving, not all of the spaces have numbers.  We expect spaces to be numbered again by the time students return to school).


We understand that many of our juniors were hoping to be able to drive to school and that this change is disappointing. Unfortunately the space limitations are ones that cannot be resolved at this time.  We will monitor parking availability and make adjustments as we are able.  In the meantime, if your student is a junior who has no other transportation to school and has not indicated that he or she will need bus transportation, please call the Western Albemarle front office (434-823-8700, ext. 4) by August 5 to arrange for bus transportation.  


Thank you,


Doug Granger

Assistant Principal

Western Albemarle High School


Link to the parking lot map: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-d_o2vCo6Z_f-1lEdlaGMNwkAgQArmcEIaRMONqJqk4/edit?usp=sharing





Estimados estudiantes y familias de Western Albemarle:


Mi nombre es Doug Granger y, como muchos de ustedes habrán escuchado, soy uno de los nuevos subdirectores aquí en Western. Una de mis responsabilidades será administrar el estacionamiento de los estudiantes y asegurarme de que todos los estudiantes que conducen a la escuela tengan el pase de estacionamiento adecuado y comprendan las expectativas que tenemos para los estudiantes que conducen a la escuela.


Como todos sabemos, tenemos estacionamiento limitado disponible en el campus y una población estudiantil en crecimiento. Por lo tanto, no tenemos parqueo para todos los estudiantes que deseen conducir a la escuela. En este momento, debemos limitar el estacionamiento de estudiantes solo para los estudiantes de último año de bachillerato. *


El 3 de agosto enviaremos un enlace a los estudiantes de último año para que se inscriban en un espacio de estacionamiento específico. Los estudiantes deben registrarse para un lugar de estacionamiento antes del 18 de agosto.


Incluimos con este correo electrónico un mapa de las áreas de estacionamiento para estudiantes para que puedan conocer el lugar que están seleccionando. (Tenga en cuenta que debido a las reparaciones y repavimentación del estacionamiento, en estos momentos no todos los espacios tienen números. Esperamos que los espacios estén numerados nuevamente para cuando los estudiantes regresen a la escuela).


Entendemos que muchos de nuestros estudiantes de onceavo grado planeaban conducir a la escuela y que este cambio es decepcionante. Desafortunadamente, no podemos resolver las limitaciones de espacio en este momento. Supervisaremos la disponibilidad de estacionamiento y haremos los ajustes que podamos. Mientras tanto, si su estudiante es un estudiante de onceavo grado que no tiene otro medio de transporte a la escuela y no ha indicado que necesitará transporte en autobús, por favor llame a la oficina principal de Western Albemarle (434-823-8700, ext.4) antes del 5 de agosto para coordinar el transporte en autobús.


Muchas Gracias,


Doug Granger


Escuela Secundaria Western Albemarle County Public Schools



Enlace al mapa del estacionamiento: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-d_o2vCo6Z_f-1lEdlaGMNwkAgQArmcEIaRMONqJqk4/edit?usp=sharing

Freshman Orientation Info Available

Dear Families,


We are looking forward to welcoming the class of 2025 to Western Albemarle!  I hope that your student is able to join us for one of our two freshman orientation sessions on August 13.


Important Points:

  • Session 1 will run from 10am-12pm
  • Session 2 will run from 1pm-3pm
  • Masks will be required
  • Transportation can be provided for students.  To request transportation please sign up by August 3.  If your student does not need transportation, please sign up by August 9)
  • Lunch will be provided.  Students will eat in small groups and will maintain social distance while eating.
  • If your student cannot attend on August 13, please use the sign up form to request that we send you information on our make up session (August 17, time 1-3)


Please complete this google form to sign up for a session. 


Finally, I would like to thank our Student Leadership program in advance for their work to make these orientation sessions possible. 


We look forward to meeting our new Warriors!


Jennifer Sublette

Principal, Western Albemarle High School

Back to School Image

Dear WAHS Community, 

As August approaches the anticipation of our 2021 return to school grows.  This is an important time for our community as we welcome all of our students and staff back for in person learning.  I am so excited to see our faculty and staff on August 16 and our students on August 23.  

An important part of our preparation for the 2021-22 school year has been the assembly of our administrative team.

  • Teresa Tyler is a familiar and trusted presence on our team and we are grateful for her commitment to Western and the consistency she brings as she enters her fourth year in our school.  Ms. Tyler and I have worked together for over fifteen years on various committees and projects starting when we were both teachers in ACPS.  I have always respected her focus on students and the energy she puts into continuing to learn and grow in all stages of her career. 
  • Doug Granger joins us after four years as the principal at Agnor Hurt Elementary School.  Mr. Granger has been in ACPS since 2006 working as a middle school and elementary school administrator, but he got his start in education as a high school band director after playing trumpet in the Army National Guard.  Mr. Granger and I have worked together when we were both Lead Coaches (he facilitated Fine Arts and I facilitated Social Studies and Library Media Services).  I can attest to the fact that Mr. Granger loves students and will dedicate himself to making sure students are engaged in our school community.
  • H. Gerarde Hackney comes to us from the Richmond area and I am so pleased to introduce him to Albemarle County. He is a seasoned educator with instructional experience in science and special education as well as an interest in athletics, band and supporting student athletes. While Mr. Hackney is new to our division, we all feel an instant connection to him. He seems to inherently understand that, despite challenges posed by Covid, Western is a special school community that seeks to build deep and supportive connections between students and faculty. 

The four of us look forward to partnering with you over the course of the year.

In the coming weeks we will send a series of updates and informational communications on everything from parking to our bell schedule. We will also archive these notices at  wahs.k12albemarle.org/backtoschool on our school website, so you can access them as needed.  We want to make sure that all of our families and students feel informed, prepared, and as excited as we are about our return to school.

Finally, I know that mitigation procedures are a topic we all want detailed information on. I will make sure we have a comprehensive FAQ addressing our protocols as we return to school.  Do know that we will share these closer to our start date to be sure that we are establishing procedures in accordance with latest county policy and are incorporating the most up to date information about our community’s statistics.  Our goal will always be to ensure that our students and staff are safe, engaged, and confident in our protocols.

I hope that you and your family enjoy these last weeks of summer.  I look forward to meeting you soon and kicking off the school year!

Jennifer Sublette, Principal

Save the Date Information (details and sign-up forms to come)

August 13 - Two Sessions of Freshman Orientation (option of 10:00 am-12:00 pm or 1:00-3:00 pm)

August 17 - Schedules Released to Students and Families

August 17 - Open House Virtual Session (7:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

August 19 - Open House 

August 19 - Additional Freshman Orientation (time TBD)

August 23 - First Day of School for Students