Upcoming SOL Testing and Adjusted Schedule 5/16-5/20

Information on Upcoming SOL Testing and our Adjusted Schedule 5/16-5/20

The week of May 16-20, we will be administering the state’s SOL tests.  We have worked hard to create the most efficient testing schedule we can that minimizes interruptions to instruction and maintains a supportive testing environment for students.  

We will administer tests at the beginning of the day on May 16, 17, and 19.  During each of those days, students who are not testing will have the option to attend extended Warrior Period sessions.  The special bell schedules are below.  If your student is not testing and will be arriving to school after testing on any of these days, please inform the attendance office as early as possible.  This will help us as we hand-schedule students who aren’t testing.

Students who are required to take SOLs will receive their personal testing schedule this week.  It will detail the tests they are taking, the dates, and the room where they should report that day.  Please remember that, thanks to relatively recent changes to how many verified credits students need for graduation, students do not have to take an SOL for all of the social studies, science, math and English classes that they take in high school.

Testing Schedule by Day

Monday 5/16

Tuesday 5/17

Wednesday 5/18

Thursday 5/19

Friday 5/20

Social Studies SOLs

(World Geography and World History I students; some World History II and US students)

Science SOLs

 (Earth Science and Biology students; some Chemistry students)

Regular Schedule

Reading SOL     (all juniors)

 Math SOLs (Geometry and Algebra II students; Alg I will test on 5/26)


PVCC English Exam (seniors enrolled in the course)

Regular Schedule


Bell Schedule for May 16 & 17

8:55 - 10:50

-          SOL Testing

-          2 Warrior Period Sessions for Non-Test Takers (8:55-9:50 & 9:55-10:50)

115 min


1st Block

65 min





30 min




2nd Block

60 min


3rd Block

60 min


4th Block

65 min


Bell Schedule for May 19

8:55 – 12:25

-          SOL & PVCC Testing

-          Study Hall and Special Activities for Non-Test Takers

210 min

12:00 – 12:50

Long Lunch (students who are done with testing will go to lunch starting at 12:00)

50 min

12:55 – 1:35

1st Block

40 min

1:40 – 2:20

2nd Block

40 min

2:25 – 3:05

3rd Block

40 min

3:10 – 3:50

4th Block

40 min


*Early College and CATEC transprotation will operate on their regular schedules. Students who are at WAHS during a block when they do not normally have class, must come to the main office for a pass to study hall and to check in.




COVID Case Summary for 5/2-5/6

For the week of 5/2-5/6, we learned that 4 students tested positive for COVID. Any student or staff member diagnosed with COVID-19 is instructed to isolate (stay home and away from other people) in accordance with our Return to School or Work Criteria.

Albemarle County Public Schools continues to actively track COVID-19 cases across our school division on our COVID-19 Dashboard. For more information about our response to a confirmed case of COVID-19, including quarantine guidelines for close contacts and our criteria for returning to school after a COVID-19 diagnosis, please visit our Mitigation Strategies web page.  For information about the COVID-19 vaccine and/or testing, please visit the Blue Ridge Health District website.

 Spring Dates


AP Testing Window


Spring Chorus Concert


Spring Orchestra Concert


Prom at IX Park


Social Studies SOLs


Science SOLs


Math and Reading SOLs; PVCC English Exam


Regular School Day (previously a Teacher Workday)


Graduation Practice and Senior BBQ


Memorial Day – No School


Graduation at Western Albemarle (8:00 PM)


Last Day of School for Underclassmen (Half Day)

2022 Yearbook Information Available

2021-2022 WAHS Yearbook

The 2022 Western Albemarle High School yearbook has almost arrived!


  • We plan to start distributing books next week, May 2-6, during lunch.
  • Not sure if you've got a book? Check this list.
  • Want a book? The price is $70
    • Order online at bit.ly/wahs22yearbook OR
    • Pay at school with cash or check (made payable to "WAHS"). Get an order form on our website or in the Main Office.
    • We will be selling books in the cafeteria during lunch all next week. We cannot reserve books. They will be sold first come, first served.

We also still have older editions from 2021, 2020, and 2019 for sale. During the next three weeks, those previous editions are being offered at a discounted price of $45.

Thank you for helping us capture your year at Western. We're excited to show you the book, and, as always, we're grateful for your support of the yearbook program.

Come see what's "On the Horizon."

AP Testing Information

Important notes for AP Testing


  • The remaining balance for test fees is due by April 22.  Mrs. Crickenberger will accept payment in the main office.  As a reminder,if you cancel an exam after March 15, you will receive a $56.00 refund if you have already paid the entire balance.  If you have only paid the non-refundable $40.00 deposit, then you will not have a refund if you cancel after March 15.   Balances must be paid in full by April 22, and we will gladly accept money from now until April 22. 


  • All exams will take place in the auxiliary gym unless otherwise noted.*   


  • If you decide not to take an exam, you must notify Mrs. Wright as soon as you know.   


  • All morning exams will begin promptly at 7:45.  All afternoon exams will begin promptly at 12:15.  Students taking afternoon exams will be excused from their second block class at 11:15 (first lunch) to allow time for lunch before testing begins.  You are encouraged to plan to be at your testing location at 7:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon.  


  • Students WILL NOT be admitted late to testing!! It is very important that students arrive on time.  AP testing guidelines do not permit students into the testing room once testing has begun.


  • Afternoon exams may not end until 4:30.  Students cannot be dismissed early for any reason.  Students are encouraged to notify coaches and/or employers of this and to make any necessary arrangements.  


  • NO food will be permitted during testing.  Students are allowed to have snacks during the break.


  • Students may have a water bottle at their seat but it must remain closed and on the floor.  Students must be very careful with drinks since you will have paper exams and exam booklets on your desks.  


  • All AP exams (unless otherwise noted below) will be administered in the Auxiliary Gym.  


  • Materials to bring: Several wooden number 2 pencils, black or blue inkpens, calculator (if appropriate), and a non internet accessible watch.  (If you are taking Physics, you should also bring a ruler or straightedge.)


  • Items which are not allowed include: cell phones, highlighters, post-it notes, scratch paper, wearable technology such as an Apple watch/fitbit or watches that connect to the internet,  beep or have an alarm (these must be turned off). Students who bring cell phones and/or wearable technology into the test room will be required to turn them in to the test administrator until testing is over.


  • Students taking any AP exams with special accommodations (extended time) are advised to bring their own lunch on test days, as breaks cannot be given for students to get lunch from the cafeteria if you are still testing during that time. Students with accommodations will receive a note prior to testing informing you of the test location and time for your exams (please note the time may be different than what is on this schedule!!)


  • Students who plan to leave school early or come in late on the day of an AP test must still have parent permission and/or an excuse from a parent/guardian. You will not be allowed to leave school after an AP test is dismissed unless you have permission. All attendance rules and policies still apply.


  • If you have any questions about AP testing, please see your counselor.


* The Spanish Language exam and the French Language exam will be held in the Library.