Overview of CARE at WAHS

Purpose: In order to support student success, the schedule at Western Albemarle includes CARE each day for students to work with teachers outside of regular class time. While CARE is a time when any student may get the help and support they need, there are procedures and guidelines to guarantee students receive intervention support if they are experiencing significant challenges in a class.

Assigning CARE


  • Students with a term grade (end of interim and/or end of quarter) of D or F will be assigned at least one day of CARE per week for that class.
  • Teachers will inform students that they have been assigned CARE.
  • Teachers should start with reserving the student for one day each week to ensure that the student can attend CARE for other courses as needed. If two weeks into the interim period the student has available days in the week, a teacher may reserve a second day if they feel the extra time is needed.


Duration of CARE Assignments

CARE assignments are for an entire interim period. If a teacher deems that a student has made adequate progress, they can release the student from CARE before the end of the interim.

Short Term Use of the CARE Time

  • Teachers may require students to visit them for a CARE day or two for make up work or targeted support.

  • These assignments are not for the full interim period but are still required for students to attend.

  • If a student does not attend a short-term CARE assignment, the teacher alerts the grade-level administrator for follow up support.

Monitoring CARE Attendance

  • Teachers use the CARE spreadsheet to note student attendance.

  • Administrators for each grade level will monitor student attendance to CARE.

    • First absence per class – warning

    • Second absence per class – lunch detention

    • Third absence per class – after school detention

    • Fourth absence per class- conference with administrator, teacher, and student