Freshman Electives List

Western Albemarle High School Freshmen Class Course Offerings 2021 - 2022

For full descriptions of the courses listed below, please refer to the Program of Studies: Pathways To Your Future
All rising 9th graders are pre-registered for Freshman Seminar                



English 01001AD

English 01001HO

Social Studies

 World History 04052AD

   World History 04052HO



Algebra 1 02052AD

Algebra I Part 1 02053

 Geometry 02072AD

 Geometry 02072HO

  Algebra 2 02056AD

 Algebra 2 & Trig 02106HO



Earth Science 03001AD

Earth Science 03001HO 

Biology I  03051AD

 Biology I 03051HO


Level of courses are noted at the end of the course number:



Health & PE

Phys Ed I 08001

Phys Ed I virtual 08001VI

Early Bird Phys Ed I  S2302

Health Ed I 08201

Health Ed I virtual  08201VI

Early Bird Health Ed I  S2301


World Languages

French 1 24102

French 2 24103

French 3 24104

German 1 24252

German 2 24253

Latin 1 24342

Latin 2 24343

Latin 3 24344 

Spanish 1 24052

Spanish 2 24053

Spanish 3 24054

Business & Info Technology

CTE Econ/Pers Finance 19262  (Recommended in 11th or 12th grade)

CTE Media/Web Design 10203L1

CTE Comp. Science (Alg.1 is a prerequisite)  10152L1

CTE Entrepreneurship I 12053L1

CTE Entrepreneurship II 12053L2  (Ent 1 is a prerequisite)  

CTE Business Management 12052

Technology Education

CTE Engineering I:Materials and Processes 13053

CTE Tech Draw and Design 21101

CTE Robotics & Automation 21009

Art, Media & Communications

Creative Writing 01104L1

Journalism 1 11101L1

Drama 1 05052

Tech Theatre 05056

Debate 01999EE

Yearbook I 11104L1 

CTE Video Media Tech I 11002

Art I 05154L1

MM Crafts 1 05165L1

Ceramics 1 05159L1

Digital Imaging 05169L1

Photography 1 05167L1

Virtual Photography 05169VI

Symphonic Band 1 05101L1

String Ensemble 1 05104L1 

Percussion Ensemble 05106

Concert Choir I 05110L1

Early Bird Concert Choir S2311

Jazz Band (Early Bird;      audition required) 05106L1

 Guitar 05108L1

Other Electives

AVID (applic.)  22003EG

African American Studies 

Independent Study  22997

Study Hall (no credit)  yearlong  22006A     

Study Hall (no credit)          semester  S0023

AVID applications are available on the HMS Counseling Website and in the office and are due January 29, 2021.

All Course Requests will be finalized as of April 30, 2021.  No changes will take place after this date.  This includes during the summer and at the start of the school year.


ACPS Academies

Environmental Sciences (WAHS)

Health Sciences (MoHS)


Interest forms can be found on the ACPS and Henley websites.

Interest forms are due on January 29, 2021.

Students register for  non-academy classes.  Those accepted will have their schedule revised during April/May to meet academy requirements.