Senior News

Cap and Gown Orders : Deadline March 1


Please read this section carefully, as this year marks a change in the typical process for ordering a cap and gown. In previous years, students have paid a senior fee directly to Western; this fee was then used to cover the cost of cap and gown rental as well as provide for additional senior activities. Given the unknowns surrounding this school year and the format of our celebration, we are making important changes for the safety of our graduates.

  • This year, students will not pay a senior fee to WAHS.

  • Rather, students will order a cap and gown directly from Herff Jones. These items will not be rentals; students will keep their caps/gowns after graduation.

  • You may use this link to visit the WAHS store at Herff Jones. After you click the link, follow these steps to simplify your ordering process:

    • Click “Shop Grad Products.”

    • You may peruse the packages OR scroll down to the bottom and click on “Shop Individual Products Including Cap and Gown” (green button).

    • Click “Cap, Gown, Tassel Unit.” You will be prompted to enter your sizing information to ensure a well-fitting gown.

  • Ordering online will cost approximately $45 for the cap, gown, tassel, shipping/handling, and tax.

  • While you are welcome to purchase any other additional items, the only requirement for WAHS graduation is the “Cap, Gown, Tassel Unit.”

If you need financial assistance in covering the cost of your student’s cap and gown, your student’s counselor stands at the ready to help you. We are committed to making sure that 100% of WAHS graduates have caps and gowns, and if you need help in funding this purchase, please do not hesitate to reach out. Simply send an email to your child’s counselor; it is an easy process, and she will be able to order your student’s items quickly on your behalf. Please reach out to your counselor by March 1 for help with this process.

If you have any questions related to the cap and gown process, please send an email to Meghan Streit at She will be happy to assist you in finding an answer.


Message from the Yearbook Staff 

It is that time of year to submit your senior portraits for the yearbook! But there are a few guidelines for your pictures, and we would love it if you stuck with them.


  • A current photo from the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Seated or standing pose

  • Medium or medium-closeup, from your hips to your head.

  • Portrait format, not landscape

  • School-appropriate dress

  • Well-lit

  • No props or pets, please! Just yourself!

  • JPEG, TIFF, or PNG file format

  • A digital file size of at least 1 mb, though bigger is better. We can make a bigger picture smaller, but making a smaller picture bigger risks pixelation of the picture. 



Those without their own portrait can attend a Lifetouch Studio portrait session later this spring (date to be determined).

If you submit a portrait that doesn't fit these specifications, we will email you to request a portrait that does meet these guidelines.

If you have other pictures that don't fit these specifications, your family might be interested in using it for a  senior ad! Details and order forms are on the WAHS yearbook website: