Environmental Studies Academy

We launched our much anticipated program with the start of the 2014 academic school year, and are now in our seventh year. Our Academy is located at Western Albemarle High School, in Crozet, VA. We are one of three higher learning academies offered by Albemarle County Public Schools. 



Back Side of the Environmental Studies Academy Building
Environmental Studies Academy Students Canoeing on a river
Environmental Studies Academy student inside the Greenhouse with Mr. Mulcahy
environmental Studies Academy students digging a pond
Ms. Tinder with a Rooster and ducks
ESA Students working in a garden
ESA Students working in the garden with Ms. Tinder
ESA students potting plants in the ESA Building
Inside the ESA Building
Inside the ESA Greenhouse

 Curricular focus will include the following areas:

  • Environmental Science
  • Research
  • Environmental Literature 
  • Law and Policy
  • Biological Sciences 
  • Ecology
  • Botany and Horticulture
  • Earth Systems and Space Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences and Sustainability
  • Land Management and Natural Resources