Adam Mulcahy

Mr. Adam Mulcahy - Director
Mr. Mulcahy has been teaching science for ten years. He has taught Biology, Earth Science, Ecology, Zoology, Horticulture 1 & 2, AP Environmental Science, and Environmental Lit/Law/Policy at WAHS. He is also the Head Varsity Wrestling coach.
twitter: @ESA_warriors

Dawn Tinder

Dawn Tinder
Mrs. Tinder has been teaching for 26 years.  She has taught Biology, AP Biology, DE Biology, DE Chemistry and Spanish. This is her fifth year at ESA and at WAHS

Elizabeth Mulcahy

Mrs. Elizabeth Mulcahy - Geography
Mrs. Mulcahy teaches Geography in the Global Studies Program for E.S.A. students and introduces Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) skills.  In addition, she has taught history at WAHS since 2006.    A true wanderlust for travel, Mrs. Mulcahy wants to visit every state and every continent at least once.  Here she is glacier hiking in the Swiss Alps.

Elizabeth Mulcahy

Mrs. Shanna Lavaglio - Environmental Literature, Law and Policy

I’m Mrs. Lovaglio, and I love teaching Environmental Literature, Law, and Policy in the ESA.  I’m from Crozet, and attended Brownsville, Henley, and Western before graduating from UVA.  My picture shows me on a hike with one of my sons, Luca.  Hiking and taking photographs with my husband and my two boys is what we love to do together as a family.




Elizabeth Mulcahy

Ms. Malinda Smith - Earth Science, Chemistry

When she was in college, Ms. Smith's dad asked if she was majoring in Geology just so she could go hiking for class - and he wasn't entirely wrong! She'll definitely nerd out about rocks, and loves getting outdoors to camp, cave, kayak, snorkel, etc. If she's not in the science lab, check the auditorium where she can often be found building musical sets and supporting Ms Pitts as the theater technical advisor.