Staff Awards

n October 2020, WAHS Administration and Staff create a set of awards to celebrate the contribution of staff members to the School Community.  These awards will be passed on each month to colleagues.  The descriptions of these awards are available on this Link.  

Thank you for all of your help and congratulations!

December 2020 Award Winners

Picture of the Outstanding Warrior Award



Forrest Garrison

Forrest Garrison:   Forrest Garrison has a huge impact on student learning and achievement at WAHS. As SPED  department liaison, 504 Coordinator, classroom teacher in two different subject areas, and tutor in The Learning Center, Forrest works with colleagues, parents, classes, and "clients" (as we call them in TLC) each and every week. Whether he is leading a meeting, teaching a class, or tutoring, Forrest offers expertise and enthusiasm about learning as well as a dedication to doing things the right way. In this crazy world right now, doing things the right way is harder than ever, as we in education seem to be foiled at every turn. Forrest keeps at it, though, determined that no student will be underserved just because the world is topsy-turvy. Forrest is a true role model, and I am grateful to get to work so closely with him each week.


Caryn Brock


Caryn Brock:  Caryn's positivity and her smile are contagious and last year I often caught the students she works with leaving her office radiating their own smiles.  This year, when Caryn was knee-deep in finalizing student schedules, helping seniors with college applications and writing their counselor recommendations, and simply ensuring overall student well-being, I was privileged to witness her compassion and kindness extended to two students I work with.  Caryn went above and beyond to meet the needs of these students...and their mothers...with grace.  And these were just 2 students (and parents) of the many more she impacts daily!


Dawn Tinder


Dawn Tinder:  Dawn Tinder. From the moment that I arrived at Western, I have admired her vulnerability, tenacity, and creativity in the teaching process. Her wealth of experience and precious teaching knowledge mixed with her desire to innovate under the circumstances has me eagerly anticipating the weekly collaborative Biology emails that she sends to our PLC. In matters outside of our curriculum like our book club, she models what it means to be vulnerable in growing as a human in this profession. Last, but certainly not least, she has gone above and beyond her ridiculously busy schedule this year to carve out time in the garden as an incentive for a struggling set of students. I don’t know how she does it all, and I look forward to continuing to learn from such a brilliant educator!


Ben Keyser

Ben Keyser:  Ben is an incredible member of our community at Western. Though this is only my second year here, Ben has made me feel so welcome. As his seventh year here, I have only seen and heard nothing but the dedication he has for this school. He is humble yet selfless and caring; you can truly tell how much he loves his job and the kids he works with each day. Ben has immense compassion for the work he does and those he works with, proven by the tremendous relationships he builds. He brings such a positivity to school, especially as we've moved to further stages. It's always nice to see friendly faces in the hall, and Ben's energy helps to make this year feel a little brighter. He consistently works hard, bringing joy to his kids at school all the while doing the same at home with his growing family. In a time when everything seems uncertain and troubling, Ben shows up, lighthearted and determined, and I feel grateful to work with him.



Taylor Holder:

Taylor Holder

T-Thinks outside of the box. Taylor's assignments are always fun, engaging, and students enjoy the creative tasks she gives them. 

A- Accommodating. Taylor goes above and beyond in the classroom to make sure that students needs are met. She is a team player and does whatever she can to help students succeed. 

Y- "Yes, I will be there!" Valuable member of IEP teams and gives productive feedback for students.  

L- Likely to be found in the Tri-Lab 

O- Organized. Her lessons and materials are so wonderfully organized and accessible for her students. She uses innovative resources and differentiates her instruction so all students can learn. 

R- Radiant. Taylor's passion for her subject material and bright smile shine through in every class she teaches :)


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


Sarah Terrill

Sarah TerrillSarah Terrill  has been a consummate teaching professional who has gone the extra mile. She has worked tirelessly to support her students not only during her periods of instruction, but outside as well. She has been seen often coming in to the school during a planning period or after a long day of work to make physical copies for students to pick up in the building, and for her to deliver personally to those who could not get to the school. During this time where communication is crucial, she has sent countless emails and made many phone calls to families in order to promote the success of her students. Despite the overwhelming workload, she has served as a PLC Activator and has given of her evenings to serve on a stage 4 instructional planning committee for the school division. Sarah is a teacher leader who leads with an extreme amount of heart and self-sacrifice. 




Picture of the Together We Care Award


WAHS Cafeteria Staff

Left to right:  

Front Annette Trombley

2nd Marie Marsh, Mildred Coffey, Karen Wood

3rd Kevin Hall, Richard McLernan , Karen McCarthy.

Cafeteria Staff:  Our Cafeteria staff has done a phenomenal job of serving meals to our feeder pattern. During the

summer and Stage 1, they showed tremendous coordination and commitment to ensure thousands of students from kindergarten through grade 12 received meals. They made  further adjustments as we progressed to stage 3 and have shown tremendous professionalism and flexibility at ensuring students’ nutritional needs have been met no matter what--SOL tests, in person, at home, etc. 







Past Award Winners

November 2020 Award Winners

Outstanding Warrior Award

  • Beth White
  • Laura Shifflett
  • Kate Eagen
  • Casey Castelli
  • Sarah Cole

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award

  • Meghan Streit

Together We Care (TWC) Award

  • WAHS Custodial Staff

October 2020 Award Winners

Outstanding Warrior Award

  • Shanna Rao
  • Carrie Taylor
  • Craig Kompelien
  • Tyler Sason
  • Cameron Koon

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award

  • Alfred Toole

Together We Care (TWC) Award

  • Denise Moore
  • Chris Stutsman