Award Descriptions

The descriptions of the Faculty Awards are as follows:

Picture of the Outstanding Warrior Award

The Outstanding Warrior Award goes to individuals who embody the ACPS Core Values and Strategic Priorities:

Core Values

Excellence:  We believe in meaningful learning that stretches people to the frontiers and boundaries of their abilities.

Young People:  We believe young people deserve the best we have to offer.  Each individual child is capable and has the right to safety, mutual respect, and learning.

Community:  We believe in our collective responsibility to work together in a cooperative effort to achieve common goals by building communities of practice, establishing a high-quality learning community, and listening to the community.

Respect:  We believe in treating all individuals with honor and dignity.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Create a culture of high expectations for all.
  • Identify and remove practices that perpetuate the achievement gap.
  • Maximize opportunities for students at all levels to identify and develop personal interests.
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


The Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award is awarded to an individual who consistently exceeds expectations when performing their job.





Picture of the Together We Care Award


The Together We CARE (TWC) Award  goes to an individual (s) whose actions demonstrate caring, relationship building, and family-like treatment of others.