Administrators' Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Administrators are the following among others:

  Jenn Doug Gerarde Teresa
Departments Math Fine Arts Special Education English
  Library World Languages Science Social Studies
  Counseling Dir CTE Health & PE Talent Dev
    Career Specialist    
    ESOL Counselor Counselor
Classified APs & AD & Counseling Dir OA 3 Main Office (12 month) Special Ed TAs Non Spec Ed TAs
  OA 5   Security TAs OA 3 Main Office (12 month)
  Bookkeeper & Database Admin 9th and 10th for class sponsors 11th for class sponsors Attendance OAs (10 month)
  Library TA     12th for class sponsors
Student Discipline Appeal A-G-academic and disc. P-Z--academic and disc H-O--academic and disc.
    Fresh and Sop Advisor Junior Advisor Senior Advisor
Individual Areas Academic Awards Arts in the West Building/Building Use Attendance
  Budget/Finance Career Specialist C4LG AVID
  Class Meetings CATEC Crisis Plan/Safety Drills Bell Schedules
  DRT-Equity Committee Clinic - Nurse Crisis Team/Plan Calendar
  Freshman Orientation ESOL Testing Clubs
  Graduation Freshman,Sophomore,Junior Seminar Edgenuity Field Trips
  New Teachers - TPA/Ongoing PD Parking Homebound Fundraising
  PTO Teacher/Staff Duties ISS/Detention (Lunch/ASD/BSD) GRT
  Student Leadership Technology Master Schedule Social Committee
  Web page Tops SBIT/RTI Student Teachers/Placements/Volunteers
    Mitigation SOL Remediation & Testing Study Halls
    Contact Tracing/COVID Issues Learning Center & Peer Tutoring Substitutes
      Student and Teacher Handbooks Textbooks
Shared Duties Learning Walks     Transportation

Division Meetings (Principal/AP/Leadership, etc.)

  Event Coverage Learning Center    
  PLC attendance Department Liaison Meetings    
  CRT Faculty Meetings    
TBD OA 4 Counseling New Teachers to ACPS SACS  


If you have any questions about other responsibilities, please check with Diane Symmes.