Student Awards

Picture of the Together We Care Award

TWC Award Winners -  December 14, 2020

Bryan Bradley - Nominated by Caitlin Pitts

Bryan helped create and write our Murder Mystery in Drama 4, and then edited the entire project- much of this outside of class hours. He went completely above and beyond and did a great job!

Sam Smith - Nominated by Casey Castelli

Sam consistently works hard and reaches out for help. He is not only polite, but also incredibly determined. He learns to understand and grow, not just to get a good grade. He is such a pleasure to have in class!

Jess Von - Nominated by Casey Castelli

Jess is very optimistic and energetic! He makes first block fun and enjoyable by consistently participating. He makes a huge difference in class for me and I am so grateful to have him there!

Thatcher Healey - Nominated by Casey Castelli

Thatcher is incredibly bright, polite, and hard-working. He enjoys learning and really searches for a deeper understanding in math. He both answers and asks questions in class and stays curious and engaged. He challenges me with his questions and I appreciate having him in class!

Thea Spitzner - Nominated by Kristina Kilgallen

Thea Spitzner has been putting forth her best effort in Biology and it is paying off! She is so invested in the class that in addition to studying, completing classwork and homework she also reads books and completes additional activities to deepen her understanding of the coursework. She consistently leads class discussion and encourages others. She is a fantastic prime example of caring about learning!


TWC Award Winners -  December 7, 2020

Mason Rothenberger - Nominated by Carrie Taylor& Molly Miracle

Mason has been instrumental in the development of the student pages and providing a student view of the school website. She is quick to respond to my questions and gives her honest opinion of my suggestions and changes.  Additionally,  Mason continues to work extremely hard to make mental health education and resources a priority for students and staff. She is an all around rock star and one of the most dependable and caring students that I have ever taught.

Emily Futty - Nominated by Laura Chatterson

Emily has made amazing pottery in ceramics 1. Her coil pot is really the best one ever from a ceramics 1 student, and it shows how much she cares about her artwork and she invests a ton and it brings me so much joy to have her in class.

Ross Hardy - Nominated by Laura Chatterson

Ross will talk to me on zoom even if everyone else in the class is quiet. He is positive, and even though I know online learning is a challenge, he makes the best of it and he makes my 4th block so much better. I value his participation & positive attitude. He cheers me up every day and he cheers up the rest of his class as well.

Macy Miller - Nominated by Laura Chatterson

Macy answers questions on our zoom classes, and always shares her ideas. Many other students are reluctant to talk, but Macy is friendly and brings others into the conversation. She is hardworking & positive and she makes my 4th period go well.

Laura Rubendall - Nominated by Sandra Sandra McLaughlin

Laura is an excellent student who keeps up with all her assignments while working at the Crozet Baptist day care. She mixes work and school seamlessly, as she takes care of children and school. The day care has been more than willing to give Laura a space to Zoom classes. She has been able to successfully juggle school and work. Impressive!


TWC Award Winners -  November 30, 2020

Payton Miller - Nominated by Laura Chatterson

Payton consistently participates in class by asking thoughtful questions, answering questions when no one else wants to, and working hard on her projects. She completes all assignments on time, and puts great thought into them. Her choice project, 2 sculpted hands that form a cup, also really symbolizes the idea of "together we care" and it would make a great logo for us to go with this slogan. I will be happy to send you a jpeg if you want one.,

Charles Jackson - Nominated by Kelly Burnette

He's shown leadership in dig imaging by answering questions for students in the chat, sharing his own work, and staying positive

Elijah Witt - Nominated by Dan Bledsoe

Elijah is always among the first students to arrive to class, he can be counted on to provide quality answers to questions posed in class, he utilizes office hours to further his understanding of course materials. He is maximizing the time we have been given in virtual learning.

Archer Farrish - Nominated by Sarah Lescault and Laura Shifflett

Archer has been working extremely hard in English class and raised his grade from an F to a B. This hard work did not go unnoticed!

Noah Witt - Nominated by Carolyn Evans

Noah is so kind, respectful, and appreciative. He is always willing to work hard and he has a strong desire to learn. He is never afraid to ask a question which shows that he values the information and growing from completing his tasks to a high standard--and it also is very helpful for other students who may not be as bold about asking when they aren't sure. His energy and ethic lends such a positive energy to our class culture.

TWC Award Winners -  November 16, 2020

Matthew Gustafson-Missett - Nominated by Shanna Lovaglio

Matt is a wonderful TOPS leader for my Freshman Seminar class. He is honest, kind, and sets a wonderful example for my students. Thank you, Matt!

Libby Carbo - Nominated by Shelby Poole and Caroline Bertrand

During her free time before classes, Libby volunteers with another family by providing babysitting and academic support for 3 children. Libby goes to the family's house several times a week in the morning to help with the 3 children enable mom to take care of work and errands. Libby's eagerness and enthusiasm to lend a helping hand is remarkable. The mother has followed up with numerous compliments saying that she is appreciative and great with the kids.

Halle Brockett - Nominated by Beth White

Halle has been a model peer tutor so far this year. I have had the pleasure to observe parts of some of her sessions with clients, and she is always polite, encouraging, kind, and helpful. She knows her content, and she also knows how to build relationships with people. Several novice peer tutors have observed her sessions with clients, so she is also serving as a role model in the peer tutoring program.

Carmen Roesso - Nominated by Caitlin Pitts

Carmen has been very helpful to all her classmates in her drama class, as we are working on a whole class project. She has also been working on design elements for our fall plays on her own time.

Alyssa Farkas - Nominated by Jason Collier

Alyssa has adapted well to the virtual learning environment and is thriving. Her family and the entire IEP team have worked hard to set Alyssa up for success, but it is Alyssa herself who has embraced the virtual learning environment and she even does career research in her time outside of class. She has also read a significant amount of books that were not assigned to her as part of school. She is a perfect example of a model student. Way to go Alyssa!

TWC Award Winners -  November 9, 2020

Anna Snyder - Nominated by Adam Mulcahy

Anna is always sweet and caring of others, leaves nice notes on teachers desks, bakes for other students, genuinely a caring person.

Embry Pulich - Nominated by Casey Castelli

Caleb keeps his camera on, and answers questions out loud. During breakout sessions he is the leader. He has made the online experience easier for other students.

Andrew Barrese - Nominated by Meghan Streit

Andrew has been a force for good in my English class, creating positive energy and encouraging his peers to participate. He verbally compliments others contributions and builds upon his peers' participation to create a higher level of classroom rigor. He is a cheerful soul and a gifted leader, and he deserves recognition!

Max Leonard - Nominated by Shanna Lovaglio

I can always count on Max to participate in our class discussions. He contributes his ideas, asks good questions, and does not hesitate to reach out to make me aware of technical difficulties as I try to navigate the new reality of teaching virtually. Thank you, Max! I so appreciate you and your voice..

Caitlin Boyd - Nominated by Shanna Lovaglio

Caitlin is a wonderful TOPS leader for my Freshman Seminar class. She is kind, reliable and a wonderful role model! Thank you, Caitlin!

TWC Award Winners -  October 30, 2020

Alivia Kessler - Nominated by Julie Vinson

Liv has demonstrated enthusiasm, leadership and positivity during this season of virtual learning, and in doing so, she has served as a role model for her peers. Liv offered to be a breakout room leader, guiding her small group discussions in our English 10H class. Through this role, she actively seeks to make sure every voice is heard and that all ideas are shared and valued. She also took the initiative to start a new club, the friendship bracelet club, to provide a space for students to gather informally during the school day and have a chance to build relationships and have fun during (something that is so desperately needed in this virtual school world). She shows up to class each day with a smile on her face, eager to give her absolute best despite the circumstances, and I appreciate the positive tone she sets for the rest of our class!

Caleb Harris - Nominated by Erik Bricker

Caleb keeps his camera on, and answers questions out loud. During breakout sessions he is the leader. He has made the online experience easier for other students.

Owen Mather - Nominated by Ben Keyser 

He is always so positive even though he does not like being virtual. He is so kind to his classmates, and encourages them to do their best.

Conner Hite - Nominated by Forrest Garrison

Conner has consistently demonstrated a can-do and positive attitude despite his technology limitations.  He hasn't let the current situation deter him from completing his school work AND finding time to pursue his personal interests.

Ollie Sauerwein - Nominated by Cass Girvin

I already emailed her parents to commend Ollie - she's a model student in the virtual world - punctual, screen on, contributes often, always positive, completes work when asked and at a high quality.  She sets a high bar for other students to look up to.